The Best Safe Tent Heater for Camping in 2020

There is nothing quite like a camping trip with friends and family. But when you’re planning a getaway during the chillier months, you might be concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to stay warm out in nature. The good news is there are a lot of camping heaters available on the market. But with so many top-notch options, how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, if you’re in the market for the best tent heaters, you’re in luck. This article compiles some of the top-rated best tent heaters to make the purchase easier for you. Here, you will find anything you need, whether you are in the market for electric heaters or gas heaters – plus a few bonus options for those who don’t want to settle for the “norm.”

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to create a cozy, welcoming tent for you and your camping buddies, then keep reading. We will be discussing some of the most important factors when deciding on a tent heater. Already know? Then skip ahead to our number one pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Safe Tent Heater for Camping?

Now, when it comes to buying anything for your tent, you should always be picky. This is especially true when you try to find the best heater to keep your tent warm and toasty on a chilly November night. After all, who would want to find themselves huddled together without relief for the entirety of their camping trip? Sounds like a disaster. To avoid pitfalls along the adventure, consider these tips.

Criteria #1: What type of heater do you need?

When it comes to a portable heater, there are a few different types to choose from. When shopping, you will find camping tent heaters that range from electric heaters to heaters that require a propane tank. Some work right over the campfire! For most, a portable propane heater is a top choice. It’s safer than wood or electric options. And not everyone will have the option to plug in their electric heaters. So, unless you know there will be a reliable power source, your best bet is a portable propane heater.

Criteria #2: How big is the tent you are trying to warm?

Another important criterion is how big the tent is. A small portable heater that does not have a whole lot of BTUs will struggle at warming your 10-person tent. Larger tents will need a propane heater or electric heater with enough power or BTUs to handle the square footage. Smaller tents obviously don’t have this as a major concern.

Criteria #3: Is the tent heater noisy?

Some might not mind the extra noise that comes from most electric heaters. However, many people go into nature wanting to escape the noises of the house and the city around them. So, if you’re worried about noise, electric heaters might not be the best option. They require radiators and fans that can generate a bit of noise.

Criteria #4: Are there added safety features?

It doesn’t matter where you are camping or what kind of tent you are in – safety should be a major concern for tent heaters. It doesn’t matter what types of tent heaters you’re purchasing, either. Gas heaters are combustible, while electric heaters can experience shortages and cause fires. For these reasons, find a portable camping heater with added safety features such as anti-tip shutoff or gas leak shut-off.

Criteria #5: How big is the camping heater?

Another thing to consider is size. Just because a product is small doesn’t mean it can’t handle a larger tent. On the other hand, just because a camping tent heater is large doesn’t mean it’s the best option. The camping tent heater’s size plays a role, as some people might not have a whole lot of room in their vehicle or tent. Lugging around a giant tent heater is also not ideal. Consider portability, mobility, and weight/size when choosing the best tent heater for your camping needs.

Criteria #6: How durable is the heater?

Durability should be a major concern when buying anything for your tent. So, pay attention to any added features the heater may have to improve overall durability. With extra durability, you won’t have to worry about your product breaking from accidental falls – especially considering those falls may land your machine on hard or jagged rocks out in nature.

Criteria #7: What is the price of the heater?

Last, but not least, consider the price. There is a wide range of prices on our top 7 list. Some are under $40, while others are close to $200 or more. Pricier options will have more features than their cheaper competition, but that does not mean that cheaper heaters are bad. However, keep this in mind when shopping on our top 7 list. Some of the features found on the pricey option may not be necessary for you and your needs.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Safe Tent Heaters for Camping

Ready to make your choice? Know that you are not going in blindly when it comes to choosing the right camping tent heater. We sifted through hundreds of products to find the best tent camping heaters on the market. We also took into consideration reviews from actual customers to give you more confidence about your future purchase. Let’s get warm!

#1: Mr. Heater MH12B Hunting Buddy Portable Space Heater (Best Value)

There is a reason why Mr. Heater MH12B is regarded as “The Most Popular Portable Propane Heater in North America.” Campers love these portable propane heaters, and the best part is it isn’t overly expensive. For all of the great advantages you get from this tent camping heater, it is well worth the money. Here are some of the top reasons why the Mr. Heater MH12B space heater should make its way into your tent ASAP.

6,000-12,000 BTUs Warms Up to 300 Sq. Ft.

The best part about the Mr. Heater MH12B space heater is that it comes with a whopping 6,000 to 12,000 BTU. With this much power behind the small device, it’s easy to handle larger tents up to 300 sq. ft. So, don’t be afraid to indulge in this space heater for your larger-sized tents. You and all of your buddies will feel warm, comfortable, and toasty while relaxing on your camping trip.

Runs Off 1 Lbs. Cylinder Propane Tank or Connects to 20 Lbs. Tank

Versatility is another reason why this Mr. Heater space heater is such a top-notch pick in the heating industry. For one, it comes ready and prepared to run off of a 1 lbs. cylinder propane tank. However, you’re not limited to this specific option. You can also connect this propane heater to a 20 lbs. cylinder remote gas supply with the optional hose and filter. With different options, you can rest assured your heater keeps you feeling great no matter what the temperatures outside may say.

Easy Lighting

One thing a lot of people struggle with when using a propane heater is the ignition. Some products make it tricky. When you’re winter camping, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with a tricky light up. Well, this Mr. Heater propane tent heater makes it simple. All you have to do to light the unit is to push and rotate the easy-to-use, push-button knob. From there, the built-in silent electric ignition does what it does best – start your heater, while you sit back, relax, and wait for the delightful warmth.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor & Accidental Tip-Over Safety Shut-Off

We mentioned earlier how important it is to find a portable heater with safety features. Well, this portable space heater has you covered with two bonus safety features that give the campers confidence and comfort during their winter camping trip. This product comes with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and an accidental tip-over switch safety shut-off. This ensures there is no risky business while you’re trying to enjoy the warmth of your heater.

Final Thoughts: This is undeniably one of the best tent heaters on the market. From the safety features to the high levels of BTUs, Mr. Heater is the go-to whether you’re dealing with a big or small tent. Plus, you won’t have to entirely break the bank to buy this heater. It’s not exactly cheap, but you get exactly what you pay for.

What Reviewers Had to Say: As we said previously, people love Mr. Heater’s portable tent heater. Customers have said things like, “Best money spent on our hunting trip!” and “Great outdoors heat source.” There were next to no negative comments with this heater. The only thing that was mentioned was that sometimes strong winds could blow out the pilot light, and it needed to be restarted.

#2: DEWALT DXH12B Portable Heater (Best Safe Tent Heaters for Camping)

If you are willing to spend a little more money for extra features and added convenience, then the DEWALT DXH12B Portable Heater is an excellent pick. This is the tent heater that will change the way you heat your tent for good. It comes with a wide variety of added benefits to ensure your camping trip is unlike any experience you have had before. Let’s take a closer look at why this tent heater ranked so highly.

12,000 BTUs Warms Up to 400 Sq. Ft.

This heater comes with a heat output of an incredible 12,000 BTU. With such a high level of BTUs, this tent heater can heat larger tents with ease. In fact, tents up to 400 sq. ft. are no match for this high-end heater. So, if you have a larger-than-life tent to hold your entire family plus a few extended members, then this is going to be a great choice for your needs.

Charging Station with Three USB Ports

In this day and age, having electronics on a camping trip is a must. Maybe it’s to charge your smartphone to take pictures, or you’ve brought along a little television so you wouldn’t have to miss the big game. Whatever the reason may be, most people will find a charging station with three USB ports highly beneficial, and that’s what you will find on the DEWALT DXH12B Heater. This adds convenience to your trip, especially seeing how there are three ports instead of one. Now, everyone can charge-up their must-have electronics while on-the-go.

Dual-Tank Capacity

You can ask anyone – two is better than one. The same is true for your tent heater. This impressive tent heater comes with a dual-tank capacity. What does this mean for the user? More runtime, of course! With this tent heater, you will have up to 7 hours of run-time before needing a refill. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting cold during your winter camping trip. Enjoy plenty of heat and have the time of your life.

Integrated High-Velocity Fan

A fan? On a tent heater? That can’t be good. Well, think again. The fan isn’t exactly what you think it is. No, the fan is not for creating coolness in your camping tent. Instead, it’s used to disperse the heat throughout the tent effectively. With the fan’s addition, you and your loved ones can all feel comfortable throughout the tent. No more huddling in a single place to get the most heat!

Powerful LED Light Bar

This tent heater is really uniquely designed, if you think about it. It’s not only designed to create efficient warmth inside of your tent with a fan and make your life more convenient with three USB ports; it also comes with a powerful LED light bar. This is another useful addition to the design of this heater. With the inclusion of an LED light bar, you can have ideal working conditions even when it’s dark outside.

Quiet, Easy-to-Use Electric Ignition Knob

Worried about excessive noise? You will enjoy the fact this tent heater comes with an entirely quiet ignition knob that is also easy to use. Simply use the push button to ignite the heater, and you will enjoy the amazing amount of heat that this heater expels.

Heavy-Duty and Reliable

Anything that makes it to your camping trip should be heavy-duty and reliable. After all, being exposed to the great outdoors puts your products in some risky situations. Well, this tent heater is known for being durable and reliable. It is designed with a thick, heavy-duty grill to create a far more durable frame than the competition. With added strength, you won’t have to worry about your heater breaking anytime soon.

Rugged Handle

Portability is a major factor when finding a heater for camping. Well, this tent heater’s design comes into play as a benefit once more when it comes to the rugged handle. The handle not only makes it easy to carry and transport, but it is also durable enough to take on all of your exciting adventures.

Oxygen Depletion System and Tip-Over Safety Switch System

Now, this is clearly the same safety feature found in the heater Mr listed above. However, it’s still worth mentioning as you want these safety features in your product. This tent heater comes with a low oxygen sensor (ODS) and tip-over automatic shut-off safety switch system. Together, these features ensure your safety from carbon monoxide and other issues while enjoying the heat.

Final Thoughts: If you want a top-of-the-line heater to provide you with ultimate heat while camping, then this product might be the tent heater for you.

What Reviewers Had to Say: Plenty of reviewers had wonderful things to say about this tent heater. The only drawback is that the company is sometimes difficult to reach. If something were to go wrong with the heater, it might take a bit more time than expected or desired to get a response from the company. Other than that, this is a highly rated tent heater that provides exceptional heat plus many other convenient additions.

#3: Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Radiant Kerosene Heater (Best Kerosene Heater for Camping)

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Looking for something different from the norm? A kerosene heater can be an excellent option for providing heat during your camping trip. These are among the less popular types of heaters, but plenty of people have used them and loved them. Our top pick for a heater that uses kerosene heat is the Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Radiant Kerosene Heater. Here’s why.

10,000 BTUs Warms Up to 380 Sq. Ft.

This is another great heater that works with large and small spaces alike. With an impressive 10,000 BTU coming out of this rather small device, it can easily heat square footage at or below 380 square feet.

1.2 Gallon Tank Heats for 14 Hours

One of the major benefits of the Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Radiant Kerosene heater is that it lasts for a whopping 14 hours utilizing a large capacity 1.2-gallon fuel tank. This makes it the winner amongst most other competing products. For example, our top choice can only heat for around 7 hours, giving this heater the edge with double the time.

Impressive Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, this heater retakes the cake. There are four key features (rather than just 2) to keep you feeling confident and secure while using the heater – an auto shut-off switch, EZ flame adjuster, tip-over switch, and protective safety grills. Together, these four elements keep you safe from carbon monoxide and other hazardous problems while you heat up at all times.

Push Start Button

Who doesn’t love the easy access to their heat? Instead of fiddling around with a product that will leave you left in the cool, opt for a product that comes with an easy push start button such as this one. There are no matches or electricity required to ignite this powerful heater.

Advanced Burners Protect from Wind

Remember earlier how we mentioned Mr. Heater had a few bad comments about the wind putting out the pilot? Well, the makers of these tent heaters knew that this is a common issue that should be fixed. After all, when you’re out in nature, it’s certainly not shocking when gusts of winds pay a visit. With that in mind, these Sengoku heaters come complete with advanced burners that ensure they are protected from the wind. No longer can Mother Nature interfere with your glorious heat!

Fuel Gauge

Something you will also want to keep in mind while camping is the kerosene levels, but this can be tricky if you can’t see it. Well, this product comes complete with a fuel gauge that is easy to read. It displays the level of kerosene left in the heater, making it easy to know when you need to refuel.

Final Thoughts: Kerosene is an excellent option for heat when camping in a tent, especially with this product. It can heat up to 380 square feet and runs continuously for 14 hours. With so many added tent heater safety tips and ease of use, this equipment will ensure that you’re kept toasty warm while also being safe.

What Reviewers Had to Say: It was hard to find anything negative about this tent heater. It has all the best features you would want while camping. It also keeps you nice and warm while you are out in nature. All in all, it’s a stellar option for those who want ample heat while they’re camping.

#4: Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy (Best Low Cost)

If you don’t know by now, Mr. Heater is a super popular company for top-rated tent heaters. So, it’s no wonder why another Mr. Heater product made the list. This particular choice comes in as the best low-cost pick because it is budget-friendly yet still comes with a generous amount of features that you would expect from the Mr. Heater brand. Let’s see why the Mr. Heater Little Buddy is on the top of many customer’s lists.

Ideal for Small Spaces

Not all of these products are designed for small spaces. So what should someone do if their camping tent is on the small side? What if you only need to heat one or two people? Well, Mr. Heater Little Buddy is a perfect choice. This heater only heats spaces with a maximum of 95 square feet. So, if you need a little buddy to keep you warm while out in nature, this is the best option. Plus, you will love the added benefit of it being odor-free and having a 45-degree heating angle while you relax in the warmth.

Automatic Low Oxygen Shut-Off System (ODS) and Accidental Tip-Over Switch with Auto Shut-Off

Don’t worry. Although this heater may be used in small spaces, that doesn’t mean you have to fear low oxygen. Mr. Heater F215100 comes with an automatic low oxygen shut-off system to ensure you stay safe during your camping excursion. You also get the comfort of an accidental tip-over switch with auto shut-off in case any accidents occur.

Simple On/Off Buttons

The Little Buddy model is another top tent heater for camping because of its ease of use. You won’t find an easier on and off button! While some might be easy, there is nothing simpler than simply pushing a button. That’s what the Little Buddy is all about. When you’re ready to use the Little Buddy, press on. When you’re done with the heat, press off. Does it get any easier than that?

5.6 Hours of Heat

This heater takes the phrase tiny but mighty to an all-new level. Although it is small, it creates impressive heat output for up to 5.6 hours. With over 5 hours of heat output, you have plenty of time to warm up and take on anything that comes your way.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Little Buddy is the price tag. It is a fairly cheap option, yet it doesn’t slack on any features. It comes with tent heater safety features you would find on more expensive devices, plus plenty of heat output. Together, this heater stands up to the pricier and high-end models. You can get a great product for half the price.

Final Thoughts: If you want or need to spend less when you’re camping in your tent, then this is a great solution. Plus, it’s the ideal device for those who have smaller tents. Although it’s less expensive and smaller than the other products on this list, it doesn’t lack when it comes to features, making it a great bang for your buck.

What Reviewers Had to Say: The Little Buddy is a top-notch pick that thousands of people have positively reviewed. The only drawback is that it can sometimes take a while to light up. Some people have found themselves holding down the button for a minute or longer to get the product to ignite. However, it was well worth the wait when the impressive amount of heat started to increase.

#5: FFDDY Space Heater (Best Electric Tent Heater)

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Don’t want to use a gas or kerosene heater? You’re not alone. That’s why we added an electric heater to the list. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone can use an electric heater when they’re camping in a tent. If your tent does not have access to a powered outlet, then this product will be rendered useless. Always make sure that you have a useable outlet before purchasing electric heaters. If you do, keep reading to find out why the FFDDY Electric Heater is our number one option.

Heats Instantly

One major benefit of an electric heater is that you don’t have to worry about waiting for the heat to arrive. With this tent heater for camping, heat comes quickly and efficiently. In fact, with 1500 watts of power, this heater can heat a room to 70 degrees in 3 seconds.


One issue that most people have with electric heaters is that they tend to be loud. Well, loudness isn’t entirely an issue with this heater. It creates less than 45 dB while in use, much less than most electric heaters on the market. It is quiet enough to not interfere with your sleep or make you miss the sounds of nature. (However, there is still some noise emitted.)

Wide-Angle Oscillation Construction

When you are trying to heat a tent, you want to make sure that everyone can feel the warmth. Otherwise, you are no better off than you were before (except for the lucky person with a seat in front of the heater, of course). Well, this heater comes with a wide-angle oscillation construction. What this means is that heat is distributed more readily and efficiently. In fact, the 70-degree large area oscillation also increases the heat by 20%, ensuring everyone is warm and cozy on a camping night.

Handy Remote Control

Convenience is key when it comes to devices, including heaters. Unfortunately, propane heaters simply don’t come with handy remote controls to switch up the power and temp, but this heater does. With convenience in mind, this heater comes complete with a remote control that can change the strength and oscillation right from your sleeping bag.

Lightweight and Portable

Aside from power and convenience, portability is another important factor when choosing a tent heater. This heater measures only 6.7 x 5.2 x 14 inches with a carry handle that makes it extremely portable. All you have to worry about is folding up the 6.2 ft. long cord when you’re on-the-go.

Plenty of Safety Features

When it comes to tent heater safety features, this heater might be the number one pick. It comes with an impressive amount of safety features to ensure you have the best and safest camping excursion. These electric tent heaters come with…

  • ETL certification.
  • V0 rating flame-retardant materials.
  • Overheating protection sensor.
  • 8-hour timer.
  • Tip-over auto shut off switch.

Adjustable Thermostat

Another benefit this electric tent heater has to offer is the adjustable thermostat. All you need to do is press the + (plus) or – (minus) button to change the temperature. This makes it easy to find the right temperature without being too hot or too cold. Plus, you can switch between a high (1500W) or low (750w) mode, depending on your needs.

Final Thoughts: If you’re going somewhere with a power outlet, then an electric heater is highly recommended, in particular, this model from FFDDY. It is entirely safe to use and comes with with plenty of power. Plus, you can adjust how hot the room gets using the easy-to-use plus and minus buttons or simply use the remote control from a distance.

What Reviewers Had to Say: There were so many positive reviews about this electric heater that it was literally impossible to find anything negative. The heater comes with high ratings, which will leave any camper confident when purchasing.

Budget Options for Best Safe Tent Heaters for Camping

#1 Best Budget: Vsanstar Camping Mini Heater

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Miniature problems call for miniature solutions. If you’re dealing with an extra-small camping tent and don’t need to go all out on gas tent heaters or electric tent camping heaters, then let me introduce you to the Vsanstar Camping Mini Heater. This is, without a doubt, the cheapest option on this list. It’s still a nifty and reliable product, though. Let’s take a closer look.

Made of Stainless Steel

This miniature heater is notably one of the most reliable mini heaters on the market. Why? One word: steel. Made with premium steel, you can rest assured the product will never rust. It is extremely sturdy. Being a durable product, you can feel confident that this miniature heater will last you through several years of use.

Heats Quickly and Efficiently

The vent construction on this mini heater serves two purposes. For one, it ensures that the product heats up extremely quickly. Secondly, it allows for even heat distribution that is efficient and lets everyone feel warm. Together, you and your guests can feel cozy in no time at all.

Fits Gas Burners Perfectly

The only thing to remember when using this specific tent heater is that it requires a gas burner to operate. But the four slots found on the bottom of the device ensure it can fit readily on top of any gas burner flue bottle. Therefore, it’s a cinch to get the heat going!

Extremely Portable

Being as small as it is, it’s clear that it is one of the most portable models on this list. Plus, it comes with a bag, so you can take it when you’re on-the-go or store it with ease. The lightweight design ensures that everyone can easily and safely carry the heater anywhere. It also fits into small spaces, so you don’t have to worry about making extra space in your truck when heading off for an adventure.

Safe Cool Handle Design

One big fear some users may have when using this heater is scalding their hand when removing the heater from the gas burner. Of course, the company thought about this ahead of time. That’s why the product comes with a safe, cool handle that won’t burn you when moving it from the hot stove.

Final Thoughts: If you want a mini heater for your mini-adventure, this is a great choice. It is incredibly cheap and needs a stove to work. As long as you have a stove, then you can enjoy plenty of heat in a tent with few cubic feet of space. The vents will keep everyone happy and warm from start to end!

What Reviewers Had to Say: Customers enjoyed this miniature heater. It gets the job done in areas with few cubic feet, and the vents make sure that everyone is nice and warm.

#2 Best Budget: Texsport Propane Heater Stainless Steel Burner

When it comes to cheap gas heaters you can depend on, one major name in the game is the Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater. This is another top pick for those who want to save a few bucks yet still have reliable heat in their arsenal. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider this budget-friendly pick.

Large Padded Foot Base

Right out of the gate, the Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater is highly sought after thanks to the large padded foot base. Why is this important? When you are working with a tall gas heater such as this, then one major fear is knocking over the product and creating a burn inside the tent. But with a large padded foot base, you don’t have to worry about stability and potential mishaps.

Made with a Stainless Steel Burner

Another reason to enjoy this gas heater is that it comes with a stainless steel burner. Stainless steel won’t rust or be damaged over time, ensuring that your heater lasts for several years. Plus, it’s highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it should you accidentally drop it. Perfect for all of your outdoor adventures!

2,890 BTUs for Small Spaces

You will notice that this number is fairly small compared to the competition, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad heater. It simply means that it’s best for smaller spaces. So, if you have a tent for one to four people, this heater will work wonders for your small space.

Carrying Handle

Although this heater is on the tall side and a bit bigger than other models, it isn’t too difficult to take from one location to another. That is all thanks to the included handlebar, making it far easier to carry this propane heater around.

Auto Shut-Off Valve

When the flame and heat goes out, so does your heater. You don’t have to worry about any carbon monoxide or low oxygen issues during your camping trip with an auto shut-off valve.

Final Thoughts: This might not be the gas heater with the most features, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. It still has enough heat to keep you and your loved ones happy, and it’s made with durable materials that last for years.

What Reviewers Had to Say: This is a popular product with plenty of positive reviews from happy customers.

Verdict: Your Best Safe Tent Heaters for Camping

Finding the right heater, whether it’s a gas tent heater or an electric model, can be difficult, especially with so many types of heaters to choose from. Well, we’re making it easy with a few simple sentences.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Mr. Heater Portable MH12B Hunting Buddy.

If you need a heater that works off of electricity, pick the FFDDY Space Heater.

If you want to keep the spending under $40, pick the Texsport Propane Heater Stainless Burner.

There you have it, the top 7 safest and best tent heaters. Make sure that you keep all of the different criteria in mind when finding the product that is right for you. Remember that the size of your tent is the biggest factor when choosing a heater. Also, consider the type of heater. Some may need gas or kerosene, while others have an electricity supply to use electric models.

Have a favorite heater you want to share? Leave a reply with marked comment name, email, website, and anything else you might want to include for a reply.

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